The QTAX Deductions App

The QTAX Deductions App has been designed as a Tax Refund Calculator and to help you get up to scratch with the basic requirements of filing a tax return in Australia. We also provide you with the opportunity to ask us questions and request assistance if you need it.

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The app has the ability to look up from our online database both personal and business deductions which are specific to your occupation, profession or business. This list is being constantly updated and your app has access to this updated information as it is published.

We also provide an array of Tax tips, both current and historical, Tax rates and the ability to estimate your Tax refund from years 2006 to 2014. We have also provided mapping to all of our offices during the year and shopping mall locations during the Tax Season (July 1st – October 31st).


If you experience any problems or have any issues with our Deductions App please contact us via email on and we will provide assistance. You can also call us on +61 13000-4-QTAX for assistance.

Any suggestions or feedback email us on and we will consider these ideas for future versions.